Freshman Homecoming

January 9th, 2013 2:39 pm

Ok, everyone knows that your freshman year in high school can set the tone for your entire high school career. I wanted to try to start off on the right foot so I signed up for all the committees  and such. I got on the decorating committee for Home Coming.

I found out that some seniors that were in a local band were also on the decorating committee so I was excited. It was my chance to make a real impression. My dad had a motorcycle so I figured if he picked me up from decorating on that I would look really cool and make a great impression. I begged my dad to pick me up, he said no so I kept begging and begging until he said yes.

That night I was so excited, I was dressed in my coolest clothes with my black denim jacket. I sat outside talking to the cool older kids and waited for my ride. Right on time my dad pulls up on his motorcycle, right in front of everyone. I was so excited but as he got closer I was horrified. Yes, he was on the motorcycle, wearing red long-johns topped with fruit covered boxer shorts and rainbow suspenders, combat boots and on top of his helmet was a huge rainbow afro wig. I was mortified, then he started calling me, by a very embarrassing childhood nickname. I tried to walk away but he followed me, all the way around the school. I did not stop until I was out of sight of anyone at the school. I got on the bike behind my dad, then he turned around and drove back past the front of the school. I thought I was going to die.

Fortunately I survived. Actually the cool kids I was trying to impress thought is was cool that my dad picked on me like that.  hey thought it was funny.

Timmy Toss

May 12th, 2012 7:04 am

As stated before, my mom did not allow swearing in the house. My friends accepted this since they enjoyed hanging out at my house.

One day my friend Timmy came up, he was mad about something and came in yelling and swearing and stomping around. He went out on the balcony and started yelling and cussing at my mom. She grabbed him by the shirt and threw him off into the bushes below. We were only on the second floor but it was quite a drop, He got up, stormed back up stairs calling my mom all sorts of names. We were all sitting there telling him to stay down but he was mad. He went back out to the balcony and said the one thing he shouldn’t have… “I would like to see you try that again” though he peppered it with colorful adjectives. So my mom grabbed him and tossed him again.

This time he got smart. He stayed downstairs a few minutes and then came up slowly and knocked on the door. He very quietly and very meekly asked to come in side. He apologized to my mom and explained why he was mad and talked with her. After a little while he looked up and asked “Miss Rose, I thought you liked me, but you threw me off the balcony?” My mom answered “I do like you Timmy, that is why I threw you in the bush instead of on the concrete.”

“I’m Invisible. You Can’t See Me!”

January 12th, 2012 5:29 pm

I enjoy going to sci-fi/fantasy conventions. One of the regular ones I went to was CoastCon Jr. It was a mini 2 day con that usually was held at the Holiday Inn on Hwy 49. One year the con lined up with the big Harley Blowout that happened every year. The Blowout was held near the hotel so half the hotel was con, the other half was Harley riders.

Anyway, I was playing a LARP (live-action roleplay) and was running from a hunter. Since we can’t really turn invisible like our characters the way we let other players know we are invisible is by crossing our arms over our chest. Well I was running, in heels, arms crossed over my chest and ducked around a corner, panting. A large man opened his room door and looked at me, (I was right next to his door) then asked if I was ok. Panting, I replied “I’m invisible. You can’t see me!” He looked at me funny and slowly, silently, backed into his room and shut his door. A few moments later the man comes out with 2 large friends and started asking if I was ok, asked if I was running from someone and if I needed their help. By that time I had caught my breath and explained what was going on. They laughed and were relieved and actually went and bought tickets for the con themselves to check it out.

To this day, I have to wonder what conversation took place when he went back in the room the first time. lol

Teens Taste Test Soap

December 23rd, 2011 1:57 am

When I was a teen my mom did not allow swearing in the house. She had this nasty, slimey bar of Lava soap and if anyone swore they had to bite the bar then put a dollar in the jar. If any of you have ever tasted Lava soap, it is NASTY. It has bits of pumice in it to scrub grease and such off your hands. One year me and a large group of my friends went to the mall and went to the shops that sold the fancy soaps and asked if we could taste them. We got a lot of funny looks and finally one store said we could taste the samples. I think there were somewhere between 8 and 12 of us there. We all settled on the best tasting soap we could find and got a large bar and had it made into soap on a rope (so it didn’t set in the dish and get slimey) and then got a hook for it that looked like a finger so we could hang it. I remember it was really expensive soap but it didn’t taste too bad. lol We took it to the wrapping place at the mall and had it wrapped up really nice and pretty and that was our collective gift to my mom for Christmas that year.

A Halloween Memory

December 22nd, 2011 5:04 am

Yes, I know it is Christmas time but I had fallen behind in watching the Shaytards and have been trying to catch up. I am just up to the Halloween vlogs and it prompted this memory so I wanted to write it down and save it.

I forget if it was my freshman or sophomore year of high school (I think sophomore though) and my friends and I went to the haunted house at the DYA (Dependent Youth Activities) Center on base. Every year there were 2 haunted houses there, one put on by the teen council (which was me and my friends) and one by the base hospital. We went to the one done by the hospital. One thing most people do not know about me, even though I have worked in haunted houses, even though I have seen some freaking scary real life stuff, Halloween haunted houses scare the crap out of me. Anyway, I met up with my friends there and a guy I really liked (I cannot remember his name now for the life of me) and he was kinda my date for this evening. I was scared when we started heading in so he leaned over and told me if I got scared to just hold him and he would protect me. He was sooooooo sweet. About 5 steps in something jumped out at us, I screamed, closed my eyes, then turned to grab him. I clung tightly to him the whole way through with my eyes closed and my face buried in his chest. He stroked my hair and kept whispering that it was ok, and kissed my forehead a few times. I was so happy and as soon as we were out I went to kiss him. I opened my eyes and it was a guy dressed as a very bloody vampire, he was part of the haunted house but when I grabbed him he walked me through. I remember he was a young guy, newly in the service. I screamed and fell on my butt and the guy I was supposed to be there with just watched, laughing. I don’t remember what happened after. I don’t remember if I kept in touch with the vampire guy or if me and the other guy ended up dating. Maybe those memories will come back or maybe that isn’t important. I still get a giggle thinking about that night though. :)

Explanation and New Posts

December 22nd, 2011 4:43 am

I stopped making bento posts when Ichiban Kan stopped selling online. I may still put bento stuffs here but for now I am making this into a regular blog. Mainly what I will be posting is little stories and memories from my past. Last summer I was in a coma due to toxic shock and I forgot a lot of stuff, so maybe doing this will help me remember more and if not, maybe it will help preserve the memories I do have.

Recipes - Pimento Cheese Spread

September 5th, 2008 1:42 am

Those of us from the south grew up on this stuff. In just about every grocery store you can find these tubs of beautiful orange lumpy goodness. Some people use it as a sandwich spread with lunch meat but most of us use it alone between 2 slices of bread as a lunch or snack. At times I would eat it directly out of the tub and I’m sure I’m not the only one to enjoy this guilty pleasure. What many people don’t know is that you don’t need to buy it premade. It can be easily made at home and is great for in your bento. It stand up well to room temperature storage and kids tend to love the stuff.

16 oz. chedar cheese
2 oz. jar pimentos
1/4 tsp. sugar
Few drops vinegar

Grate the cheese and mash pimentos; put together and mix well. Add sugar and enough mayonnaise to make it smooth and creamy. Put in container and keep refrigerated.

[my personal note: Fall is coming up and it adds a bit of color for fall themed bentos or that splash of fun color for your childern's bento! 8B Yuriko-chan]

Tip - Veggies on Sandwiches

September 3rd, 2008 8:38 pm

(Today’s post is brought to you by Subu-chan, my friend, proof-reader, and now guest poster on Rayne’s Bento. A few of my friends will be writing posts on occasion or inserting their 2 cents on my posts. I hope you enjoy them.)

If you like a little crunch to your sandwiches, thin sliced veggies are a welcome addition. Cucumbers and carrots for a lot of crunch, tomatoes and pickles for less. Replace regular lettuce with baby spinach for a bit different flavor and crunch.
- Subu-chan

Review- “Pink” Collapsible Sandwich Box

September 3rd, 2008 8:31 pm

I had read about sandwich boxes before on other sites and blogs so when Ichiban Kan started offing these, I pounced. Whe I got it in though, I was less than impressed. The to section that holds the the bread is a bit difficult to clip together. Once assembled it’s very sturdy though; there seems to be no risk of it coming apart and smashing the bread. The other major problem I had with it is the size [or lack of], it’s too small to hold standard sandwich bread. If you cut off your crusts or if you like to cut your bread into cute little shapes, though, it works as fine. Remember though, if you cut your bread into shapes be sure to cut your meat and cheese to fit. The bottom section has plenty of room for your meats, cheeses, condiments, and other small side items. Over-all, I don’t think I will use this box very often, but it is not entirely useless. I think I would rather pack the top with a couple dinner rolls and put some fried shrimp, sliced tomatoes and mayo in the bottom and have mini shrimp po-boys. It’s a much better use for the sandwich box.

I give it - (2/5 sushi rolls)

Links: “Pink” Collapsible Sandwich Box

(Note: Normally I will try to put reviews out on Monday but I had some comp trouble this week.)

Getting My Ducks In A Row

August 26th, 2008 6:47 pm

Ok, things are starting to settle down here a bit so hopefully regular posting will start soon. My hope if to be able to offer one recipe, one review, and one tip a week.  If all goes well I will be starting this next week. I have been collecting recipes and brainstorming tips, also I have bought loads of new products to try. I also hope to update the contest next week sometime so keep your eyes out!